Possession  - J.R. Ward
The Characters

So the cast is pretty full this time around. We have our old usuals Jim, Adrian, Eddie (kinda) and lets not forget Davina. But we are also finally introduced to and get a chance to know Sissy. (view spoiler)

Also we have our soul and the soul's supporting cast, Duke Phillips, Cait Douglass (haven’t we seen this last name before in a Ward book?) and G.B. (Gordon Benjamin).

The Story

A lot of buildup to this story. A lot, a lot. And though I was semi-surprised with the ending I wasn’t wowed. In fact part of the ending, the attack on Cait, was actually quite predictable.

I like that the war is moving along. I more or less enjoyed the guessing game about who the soul is. I like that I was wrong about it.

The Random Thoughts

Not my favorite of the series but I’m glad I experienced it.

Read With Me: Possession

3 Stars