Royal Treatment - Tracy Wolff

His Royal Hotness, Book 2

I Picked Up This Book Because: I like the author.

The Characters:

Garrett: Former Crown Prince of Wildemar
Lola Barnes: American self made business woman

The Story:

A story of insta lust that turns to love. Garrett is broken from surviving an abduction that lead to three months of torture only to be followed by his father taking away his rightful place in line to become king. Lola happens upon him at a lake while visiting Wildemar to shop for her vintage clothing business. Sparks fly immediately.

I loved Garrett and Lola’s chemistry. Love that Lola is a sassy smarty pants and that Garrett loved her for it. I really loved how they considered each other every step of the way. Even when they got it wrong it came from a place of I want him/her to have/be the best they can.

The story started off really slow for me. So slowly in fact that I didn’t pick the book up at all for a week or so. I’m really glad I gave it a second chance.

The Random Thoughts:

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The Score Card:


3 Stars