When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon

I Picked Up This Book Because: I’ve heard good things.

The Characters:

Dimple Shaw:
Rishi Patel:
Celia Ramirez, Ashish Patel, Amber-zombies

The Story:

This is a very cute tale of first love or should I say unwanted first love in the case of Dimple Shaw. Dimple has goals and no way is she letting the expectations of her mother (who wants her to use college find a husband then start a family) stand in the way. She is a web developer in the making. On her way to Stanford but completing a summer program called Insomnia-Con (I don’t get this name, is it a real con?) Rishi comes to Insomnia-Con to meet Dimple through the machinations of their parents. Rishi is determined to be the perfect Indian son. He is going to secure his prospect for a wife then it’s off to MIT where he will follow in his father’s engineering footsteps, marry said secured wife and live happily ever after. What he didn’t count on is Dimple. Not only does she not know about this setup she doesn’t want it.

I feel like I got a better understanding of Indian/Indian American culture and I got very connected to these characters. I spent a chapter crying right along with Dimple.

Dimple and Rishi have a very cute story, however, I have to recognize there’s nothing groundbreaking going on here. In fact parts of it were quite predictable. Did that change my level of enjoyment? Not one bit. I had a great time at Insomnia-Con with Dimple and Rishi and I hope one day we learn more about Celia and Ashish.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4 Stars