February 15, 2018


Books I Acquired:

Newly approved from Netgalley. I'm excited.

Books I Borrowed:





Still riding the audiobook explosion.

Books Put on the Backburner:

So far so good with everything I'm reading

Books That Are Still on Their Special Must Read Shelf:

Nothing other than the library books mentioned above.

Books I Read:




A re-read and a very thought provoking read.

I manage to finish 2 books this past week.


All together I have 3893 on my TBR Pile. These are books I actually own, Print, E and Audio waiting for me to pick them up and read away. (I really should leave the library alone but I just can’t help myself)


*Please note that TBR Thursday is the brainchild of http://moonlightreader.booklikes.com/ and introduced to me by http://obsidianblue.booklikes.com/