Cherish Hard - Nalini Singh

Hard Play, Book 1

I Picked Up This Book Because: After reading Rock Hard I was curious about Gabriel’s brothers and I’m so happy Ms Singh has decided to tell their stories.

The Characters:

Isalind Magdalena Rain-Stefansdottir: Isa’s upbringing was ridiculously/needlessly lonely being the only child of people who were much too involved in their own lives to be bothered by raising a child. She wasn’t abused and she was taken care of but she was neglected by her parents...horribly. As an adult Isa has taken on the role as caretaker for her younger siblings (one half sister, one step brother that was not let go after their parents separated) She never wants them to feel as she did growing up and dearly dreams of having a family of her own.

Sailor Bishop: Is not without his own demons. When he looks in the mirror he sees much of the man who left his family behind without a thought of their well being or a penny in the bank. This leaves Sailor with plans to make sure he is never that kind of man but when he meets Isa he realizes his plans are nothing without her love in his life.

Catie, Nanya, Harrlow, Jake, Gabriel

The Story:
Told in alternate points of view Isa and Sailor have a few run ins before they can become the couple they are destined to be. I’m glad Sailor had the tenacity to hold on throughout Isa’s insistence that they wouldn’t make it. I’m also glad he sees that is little caretaker also needs someone to take care of her.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:

4 Stars