Protecting Their Mate, Part One: A BBW Shifter Werewolf Romance (The Last Pack) - Mia Thorne

  The Last Pack, Book 1.1

I Picked Up This Book Because: Kindle freebie + I wanted something short to read at work

The Characters:

Ashley Todd:

The Story:

Why the hell don’t I have the rest of this series lined up to read?????

Usually a #WorkRead is something I read while waiting for files to save or download or other such non active work. This one here through? I had to make myself flip the screen or barter with myself “if you post an invoice you can read a page”. Ashley and Blake burn up the page and I’m super intrigued about the dynamic of this pack. How is she going to choose? I cut books out of the budget for the rest of the year but obviously that needs to change.

Writing: Good
Forward Motion: Great
Overall Interest: Glued to the screen
Length of Reading Time: Went by too fast
Re-read-ability: Maybe but probably not

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


4 Stars