Obsession: Mafia Ties: Christian & Mia - FIona Davenport, Elle Christense, Rochelle Paige

I Picked Up This Book Because: I wanted a quick read and I’ve loved previous installments of Mafia Ties

The Characters:

Mia Ricci:
Christian DeLuca:

The Story:

Well I got what I asked for, a quick read. That doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. Most of this story happens within 24 hours. Christian and Mia are in love and Christian is ready to be married before he even speaks one word to Mia. I cannot suspend reality for this but I won’t continue to complain as that would make this review longer than the book. I did enjoy the second half of the story.

Writing: Okay.
Forward Motion: Fine
Overall Interest: It was rough in the beginning
Length of Reading Time: Took longer than I wanted due to lack of interest
Re-read-ability: No.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


2.5 Stars