Half Past: A Novel - Victoria Helen Stone

I Picked Up This Book Because: The last Victoria Helen Stone book I read wrecked me in all the best ways.

The Characters:

Hannah Smith:

The Story:

I am sad to report this book did not have the same results. While well written it left me feeling blah overall. I realize now more than ever I need my characters to interact with other characters. Hannah spent a lot of time in her head. It doesn’t work for me. Once we got deep into the plot and there were other people to hash out details with I started to enjoy the story more. I didn’t agree with a lot of Hannah’s actions. I think there was much more she could have done before she flew halfway across the country but in the end I see how that does not serve the plot well. I enjoyed the mystery and the unraveling. I don’t even know what I would do if I were to find out one of my parents is not my parent. I don’t think it’s a thing you can decide on if you aren’t in that position.

Writing: Good.
Forward Motion: Great pacing. It felt natural
Overall Interest: It wavered during a lot of the beginning of the book
Length of Reading Time: Fair
Re-read-ability: No.

The Random Thoughts:

Oh and Hannah’s sisters really made me mad. I’m glad she was able to overcome though.

The Score Card:


3 Stars