Rookie Move (A Brooklyn Bruisers Novel) - Sarina Bowen
Brooklyn Bruisers, Book 1

I Picked Up This Book Because: I’ve enjoyed other books by Ms Bowen and wanted to explore more.

The Characters:

Leo Trevi:
Georgia Worthington

The Story:

It took me over two months to get this book read. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good story but it wasn’t a story that made me want to read it. Hell even the last 30 pages last night were a struggle. I can’t even pinpoint the main reason for my disinterest. The storyline was interesting, the characters were fine though Leo is being recalled a little flat. I just don’t know. I stuck with the uphill climb so I must have found something appealing.

Leo and Georgia are high school sweethearts separated by the tragic aftermath of Georgia's rape while she was away at tennis camp. Cut to 6 years later and they’ve been thrown back together by the young, might be psychic, billionaire Nate Katz (Katzenburger???).

The Random Thoughts:

I really hope we see Silas again in future books.

The Score Card:


2.5 Stars