The McCullagh Inn in Maine - Erin Bennett, Jen McLaughlin, James Patterson - foreword
I Picked Up This Book Because: Wanted a quick listen while waiting for my next audiobook to be available at the library

The Characters:

Chelsea O’Kane: A woman who is really good at running from her past. First she runs from her home in Maine to Florida then she runs right back after life there became a mess.
Jeremy Holland: Former best friend who never got over his real first love.

The Story:

This book reaches out and grabs you from the first sentence. A stolen car with a gun on the passenger seat! What is going on?!? But it quickly devolves into a more predictable tale. Second chance love, revenge from “the cartels and a HEA (which I wanted). Overall it was just an okay story.

The Random Thoughts:

The Score Card:


3.25 Stars