The Chemist - Ellen Archer, Hachette Audio, Stephenie Meyer
I Picked Up This Book Because: I like Stephenie Meyer’s writing.

The Characters:

Alex/Julianna/Oleander/The Chemist/Olly: This woman is so incredibly strong and brave.
Daniel Beach: Unsuspecting school teacher dragged into a world he doesn’t understand
Kevin Beach: Basically a super soldier.

Co-starring: A secret government agency. An elite army of dogs including Einstein, Lola and Khon.

The Story:

This is going to be one of those butcher reviews that are completely useless. I’m going to try to take it piece by piece and do the story some justice because it was awesome and deserves lots of praise but I may end up just a rambling idiot because the story was awesome.

The beginning is rough. Had I been reading instead of listening I would have given up. I was 5 discs (of 16) in before I was legit hooked to the story. BTW this is probably a good time to praise the narrator. She did an amazing job. Never once did she do anything to take me out of the story.

So Alex is a former government agent that has been targeted because she knows too much. She is set up in a plot to unknowingly draw out another agent in a similar situation but mistakenly kidnaps his twin brother. As well as Daniel and Alex get along, even after some torture, Kevin and Alex are total opposites. In fact they try to kill each other. After realizing they’ve been setup to do so they decide to join forces and take out the creators of the plot to take them down.

There are deaths, daring rescues, heated moments, sweet moments and all other sorts of situations I can’t even begin to describe. It’s a time consuming book but so worth it.

The Random Thoughts:

I cried when the dog got shot but not when we thought a human did, does that make me a terrible person?

I wonder if they ever went back for Lola

I hope this is never whittled down into a single move. They could never do it justice. It need to be at least 3 movies or a mini series.

The Score Card:


4 Stars