Every Little Step: My Story - Bobby Brown, Nick Chiles

It is always interesting for me to look into the lives of celebrities and see how incredibly crazy they can be. I think most will agree Bobby Brown’s life is at the top of the list when it comes to crazy. In this book Bobby shares details of his time with New Edition, as a solo artist, his various romantic relationships including his marriage to Whitney and his children. In the end I’m left with the impression of a man with a big heart who may not have always done the right thing but is not afraid to step up and atone when he is wrong. Bobby’s grief when it came to losing his mother, father, ex-wife and child hit me particularly hard. It all happens so close together. The strength he exhibits while sharing those details amazes me.

I was definitely entertained, after all Bobby is an entertainer. I was provoked to think and I think I’ve come to see some things in a new light. Overall I really did enjoy this book.

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3.5 Stars