Blood Vow: Black Dagger Legacy - J.R. Ward
Black Dagger Legacy, Book 2 The Characters: Axewell “Axe”:Exactly the type of male that should be protecting his race. Brave, determined and strong mentally as well as physically. Elise: I was a bit worried for her in the beginning. Her family placed a lot of challenges in her way but she pulled up her big girl pants and did what needed to be done to live the life she wanted. Even if she did stumble. Rhage, Mary, Bitty: I was not expecting this family to have such a large presence in this book but I’m really glad they did. I’m also quite mad at myself for not reading The Beast before reading this story. I’ve been holding out for the audiobook but my library hasn’t gotten there yet. The Story: Told in two parts, happening simultaneously. There is the blossoming of the relationship between Axe and Elise. The feelings they shared were beautiful if clouded by misunderstanding at one point. Axe may not believe it but he totally deserves love. Elise is just the person for him. Rhage, Mary and Bitty fight to stay the family they have become. And Lassiter continues to surprise us all. I really can not wait to get the angel’s story. The Random Thoughts: The Score Card: description 4.5 Stars