Sacking the Quarterback (BookShots Flames) - Samantha Towle
The Characters:

Melissa St. James in the beginning is a career minded young lawyer with drive and motivation. Somewhere along the week or so this book covers this all changes. She is still motivated but her goals/priorities change.
Grayson Knight star athlete and all around boy next door trying to keep his family safe.

The Story:

Something about this book has left me… unsettled. I think it’s the way Mel changes throughout the story. Everything happens so quickly that it doesn’t feel… organic. I think the introduction to “the cartel” also didn’t really fit in the story line. It felt forced to add drama and a plot. I think we could have chosen another obstacle for the characters to overcome in such a short format.

Overall I can’t say I didn’t enjoy reading this but it definitely had some flaws that reduced my enjoyment. (I hope that makes sense.)

Score Card:


Random Thoughts:

2.5 Stars