Don't Let Go (A Hope Novel) - Jaci Burton
The Characters:

Brady Connors is a good guy. Super traumatized by the loss of his brother. Can’t figure out how to move on.
Megan Lee didn’t have it easy growing up. Has built her own family out of friends. Successful bakery owner.

The Story:

Brady and Megan are so good for each other. Well I should say Megan is so good for Brady. He is very stuck emotionally and caught up by his baggage concerning his brother that I’m sure if it wasn’t for Megan he would never move on. From there the story goes pretty typically. They start they stop, they have hot sex, they realize they love each other, he runs away, then comes back cause how could he ever live without her.

Though many things are typical I still enjoyed the story. I like the town of Hope. The previous characters were heavily involved in this book and though sometimes the scenes with a large cast got confusing it was good to catch up with them.

Overall, though this was not my favorite of this series I can honestly say I liked it.

The Random Thoughts:


3 Stars