Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James
The Characters:

Christian Grey
Ana Grey

The Story:

I don’t think I’ll say anything more than my “stream of consciousness” below lists.

The Random Thoughts:

-Why do I keep doing this to myself?
-Why hasn't Ana been diagnosed as a schizophrenic yet.
-My favorite parts are the emails/messages between Ana and Christian.
-I routinely skip the sex scenes because I can't take the horrible dialogue.
-Say he confuses you one more time. 78 is not enough.
-Christian is always trying to feed Ana. Keep it up and she's going to be 600 pounds.
-Is this book sponsored by Audi?
-Well I didn't see any of that coming. Jack Hyde is a piece of work.
-The phrases "Oh, Christian", "Oh, Ana" and "Oh, baby" should be permanently stricken from Ms James' vocabulary. Like how did her editor not have a problem with this?

3 Stars