The Girl Who Chased the Moon - Sarah Addison Allen, Rebecca Lowman
The Characters:

Emily Benedict
Vance Shelby
Julia Winterson
Win Coffey
Sawyer Anderson

The Story:

The semi supernatural story of a girl coming home to a family/town she didn’t know she had. After Emily’s mother passes she goes to live with her previously unknown grandpa Vance. As she discovers her mother’s past bad decision she comes to see her in a whole new light will fighting the stigma her mother left behind. Simultaneously she befriends Julia Winterson a young woman also fighting to learn her place in a town she left behind. Julia and Emily both come to learn their place in Mullaby with the help of Vance, Win and Sawyer.

This story is enchanting. The characters are charming, the town is picturesque if a little hostile at first. I really would have liked to see what happens after the last chapter (or maybe it was an epilogue). Actually I just want to keep reading about these characters forever.

The Random Thoughts:

Chased Moon

4.5 Stars