Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James, Becca Battoe
The Characters:

Anna Steele
Christian Gray

The Story:

I am not a 50 Shades fan. I only read this book because I know there will be a movie night with my friends/book club and I wanted to know what happens before I watch. Let’s be real I’m not really going to watch I’m going to have my comedy routine going like when we watched the first part. With that said, I was still unimpressed with these two. Their story isn’t bad but the repetitiveness and Anna’s immaturity make me constantly roll my eyes. I think the author is trying to convey Anna’s “innocence” but she really just makes her sound like an idiot sometimes.

I was prepared to move on with my life and not revisit this world again (well until the next movie came out) but Ms James snagged me with a cliffhanger that has so much potential I HAVE to read/listen to the next book soon. I just hope this potential is realized. ::fingers crossed::

The Random Thoughts:

2 Stars