The Dirt on Ninth Grave - Darynda Jones
The Dirt on Ninth Grave

The Characters:

Charley “Janey Doerr” Davidson
Reyes Farrow

Cookie Kowalski, Robert “Bobert” Davidson

The Story:

So it has been a very long time since I read book 8. I had no idea what was going on for like 4 chapters. I eventually had to hit the library for Eighth Grave After Dark and listened to the last two CDs to understand what was going on .

So Charley’s pain has caused her to lose control and lose herself. Literally, she has amnesia and can’t remember who she is or her life before she woke up in an alley. Though Charely can’t remember herself she still proves to be Charley. Solving mysteries only she can solve. Falling in love with Reyes (hell, who wouldn’t fall in love with him). She is almost her normal self. It’s a roller coaster ride getting back to being fully herself and I enjoyed every second. I was creeped out by a certain ghost, like for real. Had me running out of a stairwell and scared of the noises my house makes yesterday.

The ending is amazing. I am eagerly anticipating The Curse of Tenth Grave. And amazingly I have it in my car ready to listen to. Nothing like instant gratification, right?

Charely is an amazing, wonderful character and I hope we never reach the end of her story.

The Random Thoughts:

There are so many quotes I want to share but since my copy is an ARC I will refrain just in case they were changed in the original.

4.5 Stars