The Bourbon Kings - J.R. Ward, Alexander Cendese

The Characters:

Tulane "Lane" Baldwine, Lizzie King, Edward Baldwine, Sutton Smythe, Virginia "Gin" Baldwine, Samuel Theodore “Sam T” Lodge

Starting off there are a ton of characters in this story but I feel like I learned them quickly enough that they were not too confusing.

The Story:

The Baldwine family is bat shit crazy! So so very much goes on in this story and it’s all so interesting. It’s like a soap opera. The lying, the depictions, the deals, the horrible pasts. It’s all so crazy and the tension surrounding it all is delicious. I didn’t want it to end.

This narrator is soooooo good. The accents, the different genders all seemed flawless and keep you roped into the story so well.

The Random Thoughts:

4.5 Stars