Appealed - Emma Chase
The Characters:

Brent Mason
Kennedy Randolph

The Story:

Brent Mason was a delightful surprise for me. The “ladies man” in previous books turns out to be a remarkably sweet, incredibly kind and truly devoted boyfriend/fiance/husband. Kennedy is the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up. (Never mind that I’m a year older than her.) She is strong, dependable and determined to do what she believes in.

She and Brent go on one heck of a ride that spans pretty much their whole lives. Really. They grew up next door to each other and were best friends. Most of their relationship was quite envy-able. But then high school happens and teenagers are just not that smart when dealing with each other and emotions.

Flash to the present Brent and Kennedy, with the help of some parental scheming, have found each other again. It’s joyous, wonderful and everything good in the world but sometimes adults are not that smart when dealing with each other and emotions. In the end they work it out. And Miss Chase gives us a beautiful peek into the future or maybe it’s the past repeating itself that we look at. I’m not sure but I loved it either way. I feel like I could read about this group of friends forever.

The Random Thoughts:

Thank goodness Sidebarred is already out.

I thought Jake was my favorite but Brent is really giving him a run for his money.

4.5 Stars