Firstlife - Gena Showalter
The Characters:

Tenley Lockwood
Archer Prince
Killian Flynn
Sloan Aubuchon

The Story:

I think I should start by saying this was like reading 5 different books. Not that the story was not flowing/linked together just so much happened. SO MUCH! The time in the asylum, the time on the run, Archer, Killian, Clay, Mom, Dad, Many Ends, Kayla, Reed, Many Ends again, death and destruction at every turn, the final showdown, it’s all so so much!

To make this easier in my head I’m going to try to break it down to pros and cons.
Pros: Tenley is awesome. Like all of Gena’s female characters she is strong and determined even if she didn’t begin that way. She is admirable in spirit and action. The concept of the story is also great, Light v Dark, Good v Evil, Truth v Lies, I love all of that. The twists turns and depth of the characters. I loved that we not only got Tenley’s back story but Killian and Archer’s too. They were a surprise to me. I also love that Tenley, Killian and Archer did not become a love triangle. I am so happy that she loves them both but one as a brother and one as a lover.
Cons: Tenley’s constant indecision. I understand why she is torn, I do, but after 479 pages of back and forth, up and down it gets tiring. Actually it got tiring way before that but you get my point. The length of time it took me to read this story (22 days) is such a bummer for me. Some chapters I would be so hooked and some I would be ready to skip pages. Like I said before a lot happens in this book and I don’t think removing any of it would have benefited the story so sometime you just have to “thug it out” when it gets slow.

The Random Thoughts:

Favorite Quotes:

”The most destructive or constructive actions begin with a single thought.”

“Common sense and I are currently bitter enemies.”

3 Stars