Dark Ghost: A Carpathian Novel - Christine Feehan
Dark Ghost

The Characters:

Tegan Johanes

The Story:

While this book had the usual beautiful imagery and interesting story I feel, once again, that it could benefit from a culling of about 100 pages. Even though I listened to this book I found myself skipping parts. The repetitiveness is just unbearable for me. Complaining aside I liked Tegan and I like Andre. I think they will have their work cut out getting to know each other better and finding balance in their relationship but they are already making great progress. I am curious about the carpathians in the monastery but I’m losing my steam on this series. I don’t think I will ever really stop reading but there will be a great deal of skimming/skipping in the future if things continue the way they are.

The Random Thoughts:

3 Stars