Anything but Broken - Joelle Knox
Anything But Broken

The Characters:

Hannah Casey: A bit of a basket case. Can’t blame her and she is trying to overcome huge mountains and get her life together but somehow I still don’t like her.
Sean Whitlow: I absolutely love Sean. He is the reason I keep reading. He is so strong, such a rock and even when life throws grenades at him (a few times in this book) he still seems determined to live his life his way. I don’t think I’m phrasing this well.

Gibb Blair, Evie Galloway I really hope the next book is about these two. I’ve been dying to find out more about Gibb since he stepped onto the page.

The Story:

I overall liked the story. I have some issues with Hannah but not enough to make me stop reading. The story moved a bit slowly for me at times but the ending had me hooked.

The Random Thoughts:

Hmmmm, I might need to check out my local speed track in search of a Sean of my own.

I can’t wait for Evie and Gibb’s story. I can sense so much chemistry there.

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2.5 Stars