Stepbrother, Mine #1 - Opal Carew
Stepbrother, Mine: Part One

The Characters


The Story

Dana is a college student who has been cut off by her mother. (I use the word mother loosely.) In order to complete her degree she decides to sell her virginity on an exclusive website. Mason a bored Dom and her former stepbrother sees her on the website and buys her contract with the intent of just giving her the money. Dana doesn't want to just take the money from Mason. In fact he is her number one pick for deflowering. Through a series of flashbacks and present day scenes we learn that there has always been an attraction between the two. However Mason left without even a goodbye when Dana was eighteen and Dana wants to know why. This is where this part ends. Darn cliffhangers.

I am enjoying the story however the flashbacks were starting to annoy me. Also the dialogue during the sexy times scenes was cheesier than a mozzarella and pepper jack orgy.

The Random Thoughts

“Mason” is what my Aunt calls my Uncle so that’s a little creepy.

3.5 Stars