Cat's Lair (Leopard) - Christine Feehan
Cat’s Lair

The Characters

Catarina “Cat” Benoit
Eli Perez a.k.a. Ridley Cromer

The Story

The storyline was good. However it was overshadowed by constant repetitiveness and endless sex. Seriously if either of the characters went off in reflection about how much they love their mate again or if Cat brought up her lack of education one more time I would have screamed and possibly thrown things. Yes, I’m complaining about sex in this book. (I can’t believe it either.) It went on forever and really just stopped the story from moving on. The getting to know you, switch and climax of the book was great but I just wanted the author to get us there.

So now after 2 months of trudging through I can only leave with an “it was okay”. SN: I feel like I’ve been saying this about of lot of Feehan books lately. I’m not sure if she is changing as a writer or if I am changing as a reader but I’m enjoying her stories less and less. And it kills me because A) I am a fan. I was immediately drawn to her work after discovery. B) I know the general ideas are good. I do truly like the plots of the stories however the slow moving execution that is putting me off.

The Random Thoughts

2 Stars