The Master (The Game Maker Series) - Kresley Cole
The Master

The Characters

Cat Marin (but not really) - Strong willed and determined. She might be one of the best heroines I’ve ever read. To find out that the husband you love is really a killer with his sights set on you and have the determination to live to fight another day is amazing. Constantly rebuilding your life… well until you run into a surly Russian.

Maksimilian “Maxim” Sevastyan - Maxim could be a pea in the pod with his brother Aleks. (from The Professional) I’m so so glad Maxim found Cat and she helped him conquer his demons. Maxim proves to not only be smart and handsome but unexpectedly sweet and funny.

The Story

Quick Summary: Cat is on the run. One more class and she can finally flee Miami but to do that she needs money. When her friend Ivanna (the escort) has to cancel her “date” Cat agrees to step in. One “date” one guy then she splits, what could go wrong. Well when that guy turns out to be Maxim it turns out a lot of plans can change quickly.

This story is full of sensual sexy times, courageous characters and in the end love. I really enjoyed every page.

The Random Thoughts

”Muchas gracias, Botox.” LOL

4 Stars