Night's Blaze: Part 2 (Dark Kings) - Donna Grant

Night’s Blaze: Part 2

The Characters

Rhys and Lily are kinda getting on my nerves. They are both seeming so codependent. I know they are going through tough times individually and maybe I’m just feeling super cynical but it’s really irking me.

The Story

Again I did a lot of skipping in this one. I really only want to know about Rhys and Lily’s story. This stuff with Ulrik, Henry and Rhi is pretty boring to me. A reflection on me and what I’m in the mood to read right now rather than the writing itself.

The Random Thoughts

I wanted to finish up the other two parts but I’m thinking maybe I should take a break from it since I don’t seem to be giving it an 100% fair chance.

2 Star