Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella

The Characters

Becky Brandon (neè Bloomwood)
Luke Brandon
Mini Brandon

and a host of family and friends

The Story

Although I love Becky Bloomwood her tendency to dig herself into the biggest holes with stupid lies has gotten a little old. Also I think this book suffered from too many plots. They seemed to add up to just be a hundred pages of extra nonsense for no reason.

I will say I loved the main story of Becky throwing Luke a party and all the ways the surprise was almost thwarted. I loved Becky and Mini’s visits to Lady a.k.a. Elinor. (I’d really like to know what happened between Elinor and Luke.) The ending was beautiful and I am on board to see what adventures the Brandon’s find in L.A.

The Random Thoughts

3 Stars