Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella - Samantha Young
Valentine: An On Dublin Street Novella

The Characters

Joss & Braden, Ellie & Adam, Jo & Cam, Nate & Olivia, Hannah & Marco, Cole & Shannon

The Story

So Ms Young gave her readers a wonderful gift. A chance to catch up with some of our favorite characters.

Joss & Braden are on babysitting duty this year (I like how they trade years). So they are staying at home with their 2.5, plus Ellie’ and Hannah’s little bits. Braden still finds a way to make it a special night because he’s just that damn good. *wink*

Ellie and Adam have an… interesting night out.

Jo and Cam are learning that they have to make time for each other in a busy busy life.

Nate and Olivia, well, they are still cracking me up.

Marco is still proving to be full of surprises to us and Hannah. I swear he’s trying to give Braden a run for his money in the category of thoughtful, brooding sexiness.

Cole and Shannon are new to me (I’m behind a book). But they seems sweet together.

The Random Thoughts

4 Stars