Rock Hard - Nalini Singh

Rock Hard

The Characters

Charlotte “Charlie-Mouse” Baird
Gabriel “T-Rex” Bishop

The Story

I tried very hard to approach this review in a professional manor. I highlighted I took notes, all the things I normally do however in the end my only thoughts are: OMG!! THAT WAS GREAT! WHEN CAN I HAVE MORE! Seriously this book as left me as a pile of gushing, babbling, fangirling goo. But really, Charlie and T-Rex are so redonkulously cute together. Their verbal sparring just makes me want to giggle. I was just so happy for them! It was so nice to see Charlotte gain her confidence and learn to face life. And the way she stood up to Gabriel and forced him to face his demons. Takes a special woman to do that I tell you. They are just so different yet so perfect for each other.

I’m babbling I know but it’s because I really loved this story. Everyone go read it now! :-)

The Random Thoughts

I finished this book about 4 hours ago and I already miss the characters. (15 hours later and I’m ready for a reread. I can’t let go.)

I would love to see Gabriel’s unmarried brothers get books.

5 Stars