The Importance of Being Alice: A Matchmaker in Wonderland Romance - Katie MacAlister
The Importance of Being Alice

The Characters

Alice Wood
Elliot Edmund Richard Ainslie, eighth Baron Ainslie

The Story

My intentions were good when I started this books. I took notes all through the first chapter but somewhere in chapter 2 I let go and just enjoyed. I don’t think I can even do a summary justice. I’d just like to say Alice and Elliot are A-freaking-dorable. They are in for an interesting ride. Elliot’s family delighted me and I’ll be very happy to see more from them in the future.

The Random Thoughts

I feel such relief at liking maybe even loving this book. My last few Katie MacAlister reads have been less than stellar but this book brings me back to when I first discovered and loved this author.

4 Stars