Forgiving Lies  - Molly McAdams
Forgiving Lies

The Characters

Logan Kash Ryan “Hendricks”: On all accounts, other than the big omission of him being an undercover cop, Logan is a great guy. Caring, funny, protective and loving.

Rachel Lynn Masters: Rachel is strong and independent and damn does she need to take some self defense classes.

Mason Gates, Candice Jenkins, Blake West

The Story

I loved this book. It made me laugh, cry, curse, want to throw it and never stop reading it. It is intense and drama filled and I ate up every second. Okay enough gushing let me try for a quick recap.

I tried to write a recap and it got unwieldy. So I’ll narrow it down to this was a beautiful love story with an impressive psycho and a freaking cliffhanger that makes me want to curse more.

The Random Thoughts

Read With Me: Forgiving Lies

4 Stars