Riding Steele #5: Crossroads (Ready to Ride) - Opal Carew
Riding Steele #5: Crossroads

The Characters

The whole crew is here.

The Story

Laurie made a deal with the devil Donovan and he has no intention of letting her go. Of course the drop arranged for the return of the “stolen” necklace is a set up for Laurie to be kidnapped (yet again). She gets to play Donovan’s torture victim for a few hours but the crew saves the day. The one good thing that came from Laurie’s kidnapping seems to be that she knows what she wants now. (Of course that is Steele).

The whopping surprise death at the end truly did shock me. But, there would be no peace without his death so good call Ms Carew.

The Random Thoughts

May favorite of the series.

4 Stars