Lead - Kylie Scott

The Characters

Lena Morrissey is patient, kind, caring and effing amusing. Ms Scott excels at writing heroines that I love. I so want to hang out with Lena, Anne and Ev.

Jimmy Ferris, ex-addict and all around asshole, except when it comes to Lena. I love that he is able, in the end, to admit his feelings for Lena. He has a lot to overcome but he’s doing it. Day by day, step by step and that is admirable.

The Story

Lena is hired as Jimmy’s “Sobriety Companion”. I don’t think it’s any surprise that Lena falls for Jimmy, I mean he’s like a fallen angel. I was shocked at how long Jimmy had been falling for Lena though. I love the scene when he can finally admit his feelings to not only her but really to himself. His journey is quite interesting. I would have loved to be in his head during some of this story.

The Random Thoughts

I’d forgotten how much I love Mal. He’s exhausting but in the best way.

I can’t wait to see what Ben and Lizzy get up to.

4 Stars