Faking It  - Cora Carmack, Emma Galvin & Dan Bittner
Faking It

The Characters

McKenzie “Max” Miller: Max is amazing! I would have exploded holding back the way she must have while she was growing up.
Cade Winston: Cade is a stand up guy but we already knew that. He has dealt with a lot of pain and loss in his young life but it made him a wonderful man and I’m so glad he and Max we able to be together.

The Story

Cora Carmack makes magic with words. A meet cute and a proposition bloomed into a wonderful love story. I love how Max and Cade love each other, even before they are ready to admit it their thoughts let us know.

The Random Thoughts

I think Max deserves Saint status for not punching Bethany in her mouth. Seriously I would have punched her in the airport.

4 Stars