The Last Good Knight Part II: Sore Spots (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz

The Characters

I’m liking Nora more and more. She’s a very strong woman and she cares deeply about her friends and clients. Her fear of monogamy is strange but I’m sure she has her reasons and I’m sure we’ll find out what they are when the time is right.

The Story

After a vicious attack on another Domme, Nora is forced to take on a bodyguard. To my wicked heart’s delight Lance is the man assigned to protect her. They have that spark, y’all and they can’t stop thinking about each other but due to Lance’s employer they can’t act on it. Enter delicious sexual tension. I’m loving this and cackling with glee!

I was delighted to learn more about Lance’s past two. I really do wish Nora could b*tch slap his ex. I mean what is wrong with the woman, not wanting Lance? She needs her head examined.

The Random Thoughts

4 Stars