Play (A Stage Dive Novel) - Kylie Scott
Malcolm "Mal" Ericson, Anne Rollins

The Characters

Mal is crazy! CRAZY! But he is so sweet and loveable and really the crazy is part of his charm. In real life I couldn’t keep up with him. He would exhaust me, and be proud of it. I’m happy Anne seems to be more than well equipped to deal with a grown man that is basically the equivalent of a rambunctious puppy.

And speaking of Anne, I love her. We could so be BFFs. She is loving and caring but what really makes me like her is her sense of humor. Her inner monologue had me giggling aloud all through the book.

The Story

I love how this story mostly dealt with Anne and Mal and not the craziness that is being in a relationship that’s in the public eye. Anne and Mal fall for each other fast and hard and even though they started out pretending anyone could tell they would be in it to win it at the end. I admire the way they support each other.

I know this is mostly babble but that’s what happens when I enjoy a story, I just ramble about it. LOL

The Random Thoughts

*What is up with Lizzy and Ben? I wonder if that road is going to be traveled in the next book.

*In my head Mal has a Brittish accent and his parents characters somehow reinforced it. SMH

4 Stars