Fall from India Place - Samantha Young
The Characters

I’ve always liked Hannah and I admire the woman she has grown up to be. It hasn’t been easy but she never gave up. Getting to know Marco was great. He went through so much as a child but he was still so strong. I’m glad he has grown up to realize what a good man he is and that he deserves love.

The kiddies in this book were just so precious. Little Beth slays me and Dylan?? I want to cuddle him as much as Hannah does.

The Story

This book is a second chance love story and proves that sometimes things can’t work out until we grow up a little and learn to love ourselves. Hannah and Marco really go through the wringer both alone and as a couple. There was no doubt that in the end Marco would re-win Hannah’s affection. The question always was would Hannah forgive herself, face her fears and move on. I’m so glad she did and I imagine she, Marco and Dylan have a happy future together.

The Random Thoughts

4 Stars