Chose The Wrong Guy, Gave Him The Wrong Finger - Beth Harbison
 The Characters

Quinn Barton
Frank Morrison
Burke Morrison

I don’t have much to say about each character in general. I like them. Burke is kind of jerky but nothing spectacular stands out about them.

The Story

SPOILERS ahead!!!!!

This is a second chance romance. Quinn is all set to marry her high school sweetheart Burke when Burke’s brother/best man, Frank, drops the bomb that he has been cheating. Quinn runs off with Frank for an impromptu, two day, affair in Vegas. Flash forward 10 years and all three are still single and less than happy in their own way.

From the beginning I was thinking that Frank and Quinn would be together after all is said, done and healed. And they are, however I’m not totally on board with the way they came together. The resolution of their problems never really got worked out to me. Especially the issue of Burke, but hey he’s always loved her and she has always loved him (though she didn’t really realize it) so they are now getting married and I wish all the best for them.

I felt like a lot of this book was speaking directly from me. Especially the scenes between Quinn and Glenn. Soul searching is a terrible process and Q is lucky to have G in her life to help.

The Random Thoughts

**At one point Burke admits he only cheated once while he and Quinn were engaged but her conveniently leaves out any other transgressions while they were together for 6 years.

**Also “Go Commando Day” lasted two days….

Favorite Quote: "So your final assignment is a simple one but it’s going to take forever: be happy. No matter what it takes. No matter how embarrassing it might be sometimes, no matter who or what you might have to forgive, no matter how hideous the color of the hat that makes you smile, be happy.”

4 Stars