Dark Blood - Christine Feehan
Zev Hunter, Branislava Dragonseaker

The Characters

So I love Branislava. She is able to overcome a so much in this story despite her fear. She draws on her knowledge and strength from her sister-kin and her life mate to battle her greatest foe. Zev is a good, strong male with a kind heart. He might be a well seasoned warrior but he has such great compassion.

I love that we see a lot of the others in this book. Dimitri, Skyler, Fen, Tatijana even Mikhail and Gregori. I especially loved seeing the kids. I really enjoy Carpathian family time. Would it be wrong of me to plead for Ms Feehan to write a book about just that?

The Story

This story was not bad, in fact it was quite good. HOWEVER, I think some of it went on for too long. The final battle scene in particular. I mean I know hurdles have to be thrown at our H/h to test them but it seemed never ending. Overcome this, overcome that, oh wait there are still 7 other things to deal with.

Also the repetition, sweet baby jesus the repetition. I just can’t stand it. But I know it’s a pet peeve of mine and I swear we could probably cut 20 pages of unnecessary repeats. Which would again help with the fact that I think the story went on too long.

I wasn’t all that impressed with the XXX storyline but I guess we had to do something different. I’m curious to seeing what happens with last X now that he is on his own.

The Random Thoughts

Read With Me: Dark Blood

3.5 Stars