Lick  - Kylie Scott
Evelyn "Ev" Thomas, David Ferris

The Characters

David and Ev are just combustible. In and out of bed. David has his issues but he is just so sweet when it comes to Ev. She is pretty lucky. His jealousy worries me a bit but I’m hoping Ev’s love will help him overcome that in time. Ev is… I’m not sure how to describe her. I think she’s a bit naive at the beginning but her experiences with David help her grow. She gets stronger and learns to fight for what she wants.

The Story

This story is a roller coaster. It starts out with a bang on the heels of a drunken birthday in Vegas, then twist and turns you though passion and drama and friends and love until you reach a pillow soft landing in the end. I never knew exactly where it was going and I really enjoyed the ride all the way to the end.

The Random Thoughts

*Mal is hilarious. I’m really looking forward to reading his book.

4 Stars